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Rainbow PRIDE Bratislava 2014


Rainbow PRIDE opens this autumn with colorful march, for the first time with allegoric carriages!

(BRATISLAVA May 8th 2013) Rainbow PRIDE Bratislava will take place in autumn this year. On September 21st, when everyone says goodbye to summer, streets of Bratislava will be warmed up by the most colorful and musical march: Rainbow PRIDE 2013. Organizers of the Slovak march for the rights of LGBTI people observed a progress in the communication with the city of Bratislava, Slovak police, development in the perception of the general public and annual increasing of the security and openness of the event in last 3 years.

„We had progressed. In the year 2012, we had managed to march securely trough the center of Bratislava. The atmosphere was free, march colorful and people felt free and well. This year, we will again organize an event for everyone, not only LGBTI people. For the first time, we will add allegoric carriages with music, which will be assigned for our partners, sponsors and supporters. Every carriage will be decorated according to taste of the company or other subject. By this step, we would like to show, that the society is opening up and what was impossible 4 years before, is not a problem anymore. To be proud, open and accepting, regardless of sexual orientation, skin color, social status or religion is a way, which Slovakia needs. By this comfortable form, we will demonstrate something that our opponents are trying to do: love to our close ones, but with no boundaries, prejudice or judgments,” says Romana Schlesinger, spokesperson of the event.

"In Europe, we are going through a breaking point era in the social acceptance of LGBTI people. One example of positive changes in Slovakia is that our government finally started to take care of their status by the foundation of advisory body. It is only the begging of a long way and for the essential social change, the general population and its support is needed. This is the reason, why all relevant Slovak LGBTI organizations decided to organize the Rainbow PRIDE together,” said Martin Macko, director of Iniciativa Inakost.

Rainbow PRIDE is the Slovak march for the equalization of gays, lesbians, bisexual and trangender people. In the year 2013 it is organized by NGOs Queer Leaders Forum, Iniciativa Inakost, theatre NoMantinels and TransFuzia. More information coming soon.

Rainbow PRIDE is also about the human rights of trans* people

(BRATISLAVA July 29th 2013) – Rainbow PRIDE is not just about coming out and the partnerships between gays or lesbians. One of the main themes of the 4th year are also the human rights of trans* people. This theme was brought into the Rainbow PRIDE platform by the TransFúzia organization, which wants to highlight the most severe violations of the rights of people who identify, or are labeled by the society as transgender or gender-nonconforming.

One of the most gross violations of the rights of trans* people is forced castration. It is required for Slovak people seeking to change their name and gender marker from male to female or vice versa. The assumption that every person seeking a change of their documents also wants to undergo surgery is incorrect.

In June, the Council of Europe has issued a statement calling for the removal of these state mandated practices: “Coerced, non-reversible sterilisations and castrations constitute grave violations of human rights and human dignity, and cannot be accepted in Council of Europe member States.”

TransFúzia director Roman Tyčka adds: “These surgical procedures involve the removal of internal reproductive organs. It is therefore wrong to refer to them euphemistically as sterilisations, they are undeniably castrations. If a person does not want to undergo such procedure, they must not be forced to. This practice is contradictory to modern standards of medical care.”

We would also like to bring attention to the violence against trans* people. Besides violence based on sexual orientation, we often encounter violence motivated by nonnormative appearance or behavior, i.e. gender expression.

“We hope that thanks to Rainbow PRIDE, we'll be able to bring attention to this and other topics that were not yet given enough attention, and contribute to changing the current situation for the better” said the Rainbow PRIDE spokesperson Romana Schlesinger.


Rainbow PRIDE Bratislava is a non-profit, volunteer project. Every financial donation really matters. Thank you.



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